Shattered Melodies Soundtrack

Shattered Melodies unfolded in my head as nod to ’40s noir. That’s why I found myself listening to the following Chet Baker songs as I was writing and dreaming about the stormy relationship of Claire and Joe, the hero and heroine of this story. You may want to take a walk at midnight in the pouring rain after you hear these numbers…  Enjoy!


  1. Angel Eyes
  2. That Old Feeling
  3. Deep In A Dream
  4. All The Way
  5. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  6. Let’s Get Lost


*Author’s note: Listen to them in any order, but the way I have them listed here goes along with the storyline! Oh, and Matt Dusk does a great rendition of these tunes in his Chet Baker Songbook album, which is the version of these songs I listened to.