Shattered Melodies: Meet the heroine: a character interview with Claire DuPont



When I sat down to write Shattered Melodies, I had a blast doing character interviews with Claire and Joe. It’s one of my favorite parts of the writing process because, for me, the characters talk, and I just listen to what they’re saying and write it down.

So here’s Claire!

Jessica Eissfeldt: “Okay, Claire, so—”

Claire DuPont: “Let’s be clear on one thing — I wasn’t going to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, you know. That was all just for dramatics.” But the hand that she lifts to light her cigarette shakes.

Jessica Eissfeldt: “Mmm-hmmm. Right. Okay, Claire, so if you weren’t going to jump, what were you doing out there?”

.Claire DuPont: She shrugs. Blows out a stream of smoke. “Already told you. I was going for a walk.”

Jessica Eissfeldt: “In the pouring rain?”

Claire DuPont: “Exactly. Yes. The pouring rain. Helps a gal unwind after a stressful day.”

Jessica Eissfeldt: “Let’s talk about something happier, then. How about you tell me a bit about what you think of Joe Lucitano.”

Claire DuPont: “I always say you can tell a man’s character from his hands. And other things.” She throws me a sideways glance. “There I am, being all coy again.” She sighs. “I know, I know. What are you going to do with me?” She smiles. “Those long fingers….he can hit all the right notes with ‘em. He is an excellent sax player, after all.”

Jessica Eissfeldt: “Anything else about him?”

Claire DuPont: She laughs, deep and throaty. “Well, now, I can appreciate the size of his….heart.” She pauses, fixes me with a stare. “You thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?” She raises a brow. “You’re easily shocked. You know, life’s more fun when you break out of your shell.”

Jessica Eissfeldt: “Claire, we’re here to talk about you. Let’s get back on track.”

Claire DuPont: She waves her cigarette around. “Alright, all right. Joe is, well, beautiful. Like I said when I was drunk, I was telling the truth. He’s beautiful. He does have a big heart. That’s what makes him so beautiful. Because he’s so giving of that and so well, trusting and he wants to believe in the best in people, you know?”

Jessica Eissfeldt: “Yes. I do know. So here’s an easy question for you. What’s your favorite dessert?”

Claire DuPont: “Mmm, I’ve always loved chocolate mousse. And you and I both know why…”