Sweethearts & Jazz Nights Series (4 Novellas)

Get swept into the whispers of a bygone era filled with fedoras and stilettos, sleek jazz and polished manners…in 1940s San Francisco

“I love this series so much. I literally caught myself cheering for the heroes. I can’t wait to read the other…books in the series.” —5 star Goodreads review

DIALING DREAMS: Sweethearts & Jazz Nights, #1


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San Francisco, 1946, where dreams sound like jazz. Belinda Thompson, a telephone operator, longs to sing in the spotlight. But when Belinda puts through a fateful midnight call for Nick Hart, a broken-hearted jazz crooner who offers her a chance at her dream, will theirs be only a switchboard connection or something more, in the City by the Bay?

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“A sweet story. Very romantic.” —Jazz vocalist Pat Steel
“Dialing Dreams is like a jazz number.” —Filmmaker Maren Woodward
“Lovely heartwarming story…So well written…” —5-star Amazon Australia Top 500 Reviewer


SHATTERED MELODIES: Sweethearts & Jazz Nights, #2


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September, 1946. The war was over. But their battle of hearts wasn’t. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Claire DuPont has come to  despise the very music she writes about. But when she puts her career in jeopardy and writes an article about her old flame, Joe Lucitano, who is now an ex-saxophonist with a battle-scarred past, can the music of love heal the shattered melodies in their hearts?

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“Rainy nights & fedoras, jazz bars & a woman newspaper reporter, this 1940’s novella has it all.” —5 star Amazon review
“[E]njoyed the raw emotion in this story, it was so beautifully crafted. I love this series” —5 star Amazon review




FANCY FOOTWORK: Sweethearts & Jazz Nights, #3

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When Violet Swanson flees Hollywood for San Francisco after causing a catastrophe on the set of a big-budget swing dance picture, she thinks that fixing up her grandmother’s San Francisco swing dance studio next door to Golden Gate Records is the perfect way to start a new dream. But when Henry Parker, an executive with Golden Gate Records, threatens Violet’s new dream, will the pair have to do some fancy footwork in the dance of love to set the record straight?

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UNSPOKEN LYRICS: Sweethearts & Jazz Nights, #4

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San Francisco-based TWA stewardess Molly Evans makes what she thinks will be a routine flight to New Orleans. But her plane is caught in a violent thunderstorm and must make a midnight emergency landing at Twisted Oaks Plantation, where reclusive jazz pianist Tristan Lachaynais lives. Tristan and Molly are forced to confront the echoes of their pasts. But will they find the courage to open their hearts to the unspoken lyrics of love?

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The Sweethearts & Jazz Nights Complete Collection

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If you like vintage movie classics, jazz standards and retro romance, then you’ll love this boxed set, which rolls all of those elements into a heartfelt, classy, satisfyingly romantic read. This boxed set contains the complete series of all 4 novellas: Dialing Dreams, Shattered Melodies, Fancy Footwork and Unspoken Lyrics.

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Love By Moonlight Series (2 Novellas)

Fall in love…by the light of the moon


BENEATH A VENETIAN MOON: Love By Moonlight, #1



Alessandra Velocchi, a young Venetian noblewoman, attends a masquerade at the Doge’s Palace, not knowing it’s a night that will change her life forever when she encounters a mysterious masked man. A mysterious masked man named Giovanni Capriccio, who is a talented painter on the run from the authorities, begs for Alessandra’s help. Drawn to him, she agrees. Captivated by her, and in gratitude for her help, he asks to paint her portrait. But Alessandra, as the daughter of the Doge’s advisor, the very authority Giovanni is running from, soon discovers her dangerous mistake. Will the pair find love or heartbreak beneath a Venetian moon?

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BESIDE A MOONLIT SHORE: Love By Moonlight, #2


After her sea captain husband dies, schoolteacher Anna Hampton fears she’ll never love again…until her unexpectedly rescuing a stray kitten leads her to love’s door. But will she have the courage to love again…beside a moonlit shore?

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The Love By Moonlight Complete Collection


If you love sweet romance, beautiful settings and moonlit rendezvous then you’ll love this boxed set, which rolls all of that into a heartfelt, satisfyingly romantic read. This boxed set contains the complete series of both novellas, Beneath A Venetian Moon and Beside A Moonlit Shore.

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