About Jessica


“My friend Maren tells me I was born in the wrong era. She playfully calls me Miss Idealized Romantic. What can I say? After all, I love vintage dresses and antique stores. Not to mention tea, cats, and libraries! 

And, like the heroines in the fiction I write, I love to have adventures, be daring and maybe even come across a little romance…

As a writer, I know the power of that. To get to travel to another time and place just by opening up a book is really a kind of magical experience.

So, enjoy my stories!”

Jessica’s readers share that they are inspired most by the dreamy and nostalgic feel of her fiction and love the romantic imagery in the eras she portrays.

She takes inspiration for her fiction from every aspect of her life, and believes that in order to have a fulfilling artistic life, it’s best to lead a full, adventurous life.

In upholding this philosophy, Jessica has been to many places in North America and has travelled in Europe, Asia and Latin America, finding inspiration for her fiction all along the way.

She has released 4 ebooks in her Vintage Jazz Romance Series: Dialing Dreams, Shattered Melodies, Fancy Footwork & Unspoken Lyrics, as well as the complete boxed set collection.  Dialing Dreams hit #6 in Amazon’s 20th century historical romance category. Her books have sold in over 5 countries, and she is in the Top 100 in Amazon’s Authors for Dialing Dreams.

Jessica has also been a finalist in the 2014 Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention American Idol writing contest.

She holds a B.A. degree and lives in Canada.