There’s just something about 1940s glamour, isn’t there?

I’ve always loved it, which is why I started the Vintage Jazz romance series in the first place, though I knew, for the second book in the series, that I wanted fans (and myself!) to experience a different side of that jazz-inspired 1940s San Francisco world…
Which is why Shattered Melodies unfolded in my head as a nod to ’40s noir, and I found myself listening to Chet Baker songs as I was writing and dreaming about the stormy relationship of Claire and Joe, the hero and heroine of this story.


 The Vintage Jazz Romance Series, Book 2

DialingDestiny3D-72 copy


September, 1946. The war was over. But their battle of hearts wasn’t. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Claire DuPont has come to  despise the very music she writes about. But when she puts her career in jeopardy and writes an article about her old flame, Joe Lucitano, who is now an ex-saxophonist with a battle-scarred past, can the music of love heal the shattered melodies in their hearts?

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